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Poetry Vomit

Posted: August 31, 2010 in poetry, writing
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My best poetry comes from the gut, in an inspiring moment of unspeakable inspiration, it just flows, and the pen in hand, captures it….

When I have to think about the poem-in-progress, idea, hunch, whatever….my ego takes over and creates many creative flow charts, all which lead to no-where…

Poetry, should come from the gut….shouldn’t everything?


Mental recovery day today.  Week at work drained me….but my spiritual side was up.  Having a fun, relaxing day with family watching movies, reading, creating, etc….

Mini-Movie Review;

The Happening. Haven’t really like anything M. Night Shamalamadingdong has done since Signs.  This movie bordered on comedic horror.  I haven’t witnessed such non-characters or bad writing in a long, long time.  In fact, this might just take the cake.  Some of the lines made laugh out loud: “What kind of terrorist are these?” says a distraught women.  Really, is she looking for some compassionate terrorist group or something?

Or all the train conductors standing around outside the stopped train because they can’t go on due to the fact of “losing contact with everyone”, meanwhile all the passengers are standing around using their cellys.  Ugh.

Stay away from this movie.

Watching some favorites now…including Signs, Shutter Island, and some LOTR later.

Will be reading some more Beowulf and doing some game creating and poetry writing later and tomorrow.

Good Day indeed.

Working on an experience…

Posted: August 21, 2010 in poetry
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Had this real surreal experience on the way to work the other morning.  It was early, around 0430, and I was stopped by a train leaving a steel mill.  It had many empty cars.  The morning was slightly hazy, warm.  The trains went by, thumping the pavement, with a rhythm that danced with the warning lights.  The train was so dark, and black, but the lights around would break through each car.  Very beautiful and peaceful.  First time I didn’t mind getting caught by a train….

Trying to work this into poem…

So sorry for the delays in posting to you my few but faithful friends.  Hugs to you Arkay.

Still working on the zine idea, but man, I really need a blog to vent and post, and share and such.  So, even though the internet connection I have is shaky for now, I need to focus on this little blog, for my mental health sake to say the least.

Look for lots of writing here, poetry, and zine updates.

Peace and strength.


Posted: June 20, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Working on making this a blog/zine tie-in…..Made one zine, aka Asylum Letters, would love to do another one……or two, or thr33, 4our