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Poetry Vomit

Posted: August 31, 2010 in poetry, writing
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My best poetry comes from the gut, in an inspiring moment of unspeakable inspiration, it just flows, and the pen in hand, captures it….

When I have to think about the poem-in-progress, idea, hunch, whatever….my ego takes over and creates many creative flow charts, all which lead to no-where…

Poetry, should come from the gut….shouldn’t everything?


Working on an experience…

Posted: August 21, 2010 in poetry
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Had this real surreal experience on the way to work the other morning.  It was early, around 0430, and I was stopped by a train leaving a steel mill.  It had many empty cars.  The morning was slightly hazy, warm.  The trains went by, thumping the pavement, with a rhythm that danced with the warning lights.  The train was so dark, and black, but the lights around would break through each car.  Very beautiful and peaceful.  First time I didn’t mind getting caught by a train….

Trying to work this into poem…