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Working on making this a blog/zine tie-in…..Made one zine, aka Asylum Letters, would love to do another one……or two, or thr33, 4our

  1. Hey hon. I just got the news you’re up and running here via Arkay. Yay! I’ll fix up my blogroll and thanks for blogrolling me too.

  2. Arkay says:

    So, zine status update please?

    • Wulfgar says:

      Status; Hampered. Sigh, due to lack of net access, free time, and self-esteem, my zine progress is almost nil. Need the net to research some of my stuff…..
      But today, I do feel more focused, which is a good thing, eh? Need to sit down and write…got to do it. Hell, even my journaling, I’m an avid journaler, is slacking, waaaayyy slacking, about 5 entries in two months. But I do love to write……
      Thank you my friend for your continued suppourt and interest.

      • Arkay says:

        Heya. In the meantime you could do a post on your thoughts on the ‘new’ Wonder Woman makeover. Love to hear what you would have to say.

        P.S. an you can tap me an PA an prolly BTM for zine ideas, help and the like, we are ALL here for you if/when you need (as you have been for us).

  3. Arkay says:


    u there?

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